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Multiple addiction treatment centers for the treatment of patients suffering from mental health and substance use disorders

Investment Amount: $800,000 – TEA QUALIFIED

We have launched multiple EB-5 projects that have been granted expedited processig by USCIS due to the urgent humanitarian crisis that our projects are serving: addiction and mental health treatment. It is no secret that the U.S. is deeply mired in an addiction epidemic made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For EB-5 investors, this means waiting a few months (compared to a few years for non-expedited projects) for USCIS to approve the investor’s I-526 petition, the first key step in the two-part process for earning a conditional green card.


  • $800,000 investment for TEA (Targeted Employment Area) projects
  • Recession-proof business model – huge demand for addiction treatment with limited supply of services
    • Typically, 80%-90% of revenue comes from the U.S. government (Medicaid) or private insurance
  • Potential for expedited processing
Photo of Wise Path Recovery Center - Westover.  Text on photo says Wise Path Recovery Center - Westover - NOW OPEN.

The Wise Path Recovery Center - Westover project involved the development of an addiction treatment center located at 900 Fairmont Road in Morgantown, West Virginia. The 9,984 square foot facility provides six beds for detoxification in addition to 24 beds for residential recovery. Renovations were completed and the facility is now open. The economic report estimates the creation of 100 EB5-qualified jobs, equal to 12.5 jobs created for each of the 8 EB-5 investors. Wise Path Recovery Centers website »

  • Located in Morgantown, WV, headquarters of Ascension Recovery Services, with supporting services such as:
    • West Virginia Sober Living — website »
    • University of West Virginia’s Center for Hope and Healing — website »
  • All investors in similar addiction treatment projects have been granted expedited processing*
  • Construction is complete; licensing, staffing and certification now underway
  • Open for clients early-2023
  • 12.5 jobs created for each of the 8 EB-5 investors.
Photo of Wise Path Recovery Center - Long Prairie.  Text on photo says Wise Path Recovery Center - Long Prairie.

The Wise Path Recovery Center - Long Prairie involves the development of a detox and residential recovery facility located on 130 acres at 1280 – 180th Street, near Long Prairie, Minnesota. An existing lodge is currently being renovated and two new buildings will be constructed to create group rooms for counseling, offices for employees, and controlled access for privacy and safety. Interior finishes will also be upgraded. The resulting new construction will add a 36-bed residential facility and a 12-bed detox facility. Construction will finish mid-2023 after which the multi-month process of licensing, staffing and certification will occur. The facility will be open to clients in early-2024.

  • Rural location means investors benefit from 20% visa “set-aside” and “priority” processing
  • All investors in similar addiction treatment projects have been granted expedited processing*
  • Construction has already begun, will finish mid-2023
  • After construction completion, 6 months for licensing, staffing and certification - open for clients early-2024
  • 16.9 jobs created for each of the 10 EB-5 investors
Photo of East Ohio Regional Hospital.  Text on photo says East Ohio Regional Hospital.

The East Ohio Regional Hospital (aka East Ohio Hospital) located at 90 N. 4th Street in Martins Ferry, Ohio first opened in 1906. However in 2019 the owner-operator at the time was unable to run it profitably resulting in the facility having to shut down. Fortunately for the region, the hospital was purchased by a new operator, Hospital Innovations LLC (the new commercial enterprise, or “NCE”), which is controlled by Dr. John Johnson, and reopened in March 2021, once again treating patients from counties in Ohio and neighboring West Virginia.

  • Hospital is fully operational
  • New Behavior Health unit will serve addiction patients
  • Hospital is fully financed with funding from State of Ohio and developer Bridge fund (EB-5 will replace Bridge funds)
  • Previous EB-5 investors have been granted expedited processing
  • Job creation requirement already achieved – 23 jobs per investor
  • At least $9 million developer equity subordinate to EB-5 cover image July 19, 2022, article by Anayat Durrani.

Expedite approval, an option for EB-5 investors to consider

The EB-5 investment program has been a reliable way to get U.S. permanent resident status for investors and their immediate family members. While the process may take time, there is a faster option. EB-5 investments considered to be in the national interest and other criteria can get expedited approval by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Expedited approval is the fastest EB-5 processing an investor can obtain.

“An expedite has the potential to save investors years off the adjudication time of their I-526 petitions. When an investor receives an expedite, they literally are supposed to go to the front of the line,” says Matt Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, E3iG.

Read the full article on the website:

*Please note: Expedited petition approval of previous investors does not guarantee your petition will be expedited. (Although there can be no guarantee of expedited processing, no investors in any of our addiction treatment projects have had their requests denied by USCIS.)

SOLD OUT - Treatment Centers Completed by Doug Leech and Steve Smith

Photo of Cheat Road Outpatient Clinic. Text on photo says West Virginia, Morgantown - Cheat Road Outpatient Center - NOW OPEN.

The Cheat Road Outpatient Clinic is located at 2195 Cheat Road, Morgantown, West Virginia. The outpatient clinic is NOW OPEN and occupies 9,100 square feet in a 14,100 square foot building.

Photo of Mt. Morris Recovery Clinic. Text on photo says Pennsylvania - Mt. Morris Recovery Center - Opening late-2023.

The Mt. Morris Recovery Center is located at 145 School Road, Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. The building is 14,600 square feet and will be renovated into a short-term (30-day) residential treatment center for approximately 60 guests. Mt. Morris is scheduled to open late-2023.

Photo of Morgantown, WV clinic. Text on photo says West Virginia, Morgantown - Camp Road Recovery Center - Opening late-2023.

The 4-H Camp Road Recovery Center is located at 3313 4-H Camp Road in Morgantown, West Virginia, and involves the acquisition and renovation of a 6,684 square foot building. Additional space will be built to allow the facility to serve 50 guests in late-2023.

Photo of Charleston, WV clinic. Text on photo says West Virginia, Charleston - Wise Path Recovery Center - NOW OPEN.

The Charleston Recovery Center has been renovated to accommodate spaces for individual therapy, group therapy and administrative offices. The address is 4701 MacCorkle Ave. S.E., Charleston, West Virginia. Wise Path Recovery Centers website »

Photo of Laconia Clinic. Text on the photo says New Hampshire, Laconia - Kathy Ireland Recovery Center - NOW OPEN.

The kathy ireland® Recovery Center - Laconia is located at 745 Main Street in Laconia, New Hampshire. Laconia opened in September 2021. Please visit

kathy ireland® Recovery Centers - Laconia - GRAND OPENING

Photo of Williamson Memorial Hospital. Text on the photo says West Virginia, Williamson - Kathy Ireland Recovery Center - NOW OPEN

The kathy ireland® Recovery Center - Williamson is located at 859 Alderson Street, Williamson, West Virginia, on the third floor of the Williamson Memorial Hospital which was established in 1918.

The 15,000 square foot third floor has been renovated to provide space for 10 detoxification beds, 10 female residential beds, and 26 male residential beds. Other renovation work included constructing group counseling rooms and employee office space, installing controlled access for privacy/safety, and updating the interior design (flooring, walls, and color palette) to create a “homelike” setting for clients.


Millions suffer from mental health and SUDs – in 2019 over 20 million people in the U.S. suffered from a SUD during the past year. Drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of death in the U.S. The U.S. government at all levels recognize this as a national crisis. See President Joe Biden’s opioid plan at While demand for treatment has skyrocketed, the supply of available services has not kept pace.


Multiple addiction treatment centers (ATCs) to be located across the U.S. with the first two located in Laconia, New Hampshire and Williamson, West Virginia.


Steve Smith of EB5 Coast To Coast ( and Doug Leech of Ascension Recovery Services ( have teamed up to address this national crisis by starting a venture that will open multiple addiction treatment centers, starting in Doug’s home state of West Virginia.

Photo of Steve Smith on left and Doug Leech on right. The EB5 Coast To Coast logo and Ascension logo are centered between Steve and Doug.

The operator of each addiction treatment center (ATC) will be Ascension Recovery Services which is a leading national developer of behavioral health programs and one of the most sought-after Management Services Organizations (MSO) in the operation of ATCs. It has extensive experience developing and managing programs across the country, working with state and federal government, hospitals, and large health care systems; and has helped develop dozens of treatment programs in 25 states since 2016.

Visit our website EB5 Visa Fast for more information.