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Multiple addiction treatment centers for the treatment of patients suffering from mental health and substance use disorders

Investment Amount: $800,000 – TEA QUALIFIED

We have launched multiple EB-5 projects that have been granted expedited processing by USCIS due to the urgent humanitarian crisis that our projects are serving: addiction and mental health treatment. It is no secret that the U.S. is deeply mired in an addiction epidemic made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For EB-5 investors, this means just months for USCIS to approve your petition versus possibly waiting for years for "normal" processing.

None of the investors in our prior addiction treatment deals were denied expedited processing. The average approval time was 10 months, with the fastest approval coming in just 5 months.


Photo of All Points North.  Text on photo says All Points North - NOW AVAILABLE.

All Points North ("APN") is a leading behavioral health company that provides innovative mental and addiction healthcare combined with world class treatment facilities. Due to the national interest and urgent humanitarian need for addiction treatment services EB-5 investors can request expedited processing. This is the 9th addiction treatment facility that EB5 Coast to Coast has raised EB-5 funding for. None of our prior investors in addiction treatment centers were denied expedited processing. All Point North website »

  • $113.5m Phase II expansion of APN’s facility in Vail, Colorado
  • Rural investment which qualifies for 20% visa set aside
  • APN is growing rapidly with $45m 2022 revenue and projected $57m revenue in 2023
  • $105m of invested equity in the company to date, valuing the Vail facility, as well as 6 satellite facilities, at $225m
  • Developer has a successful EB-5 track record, having completed an EB-5 raise for a prior addiction treatment center, with all the investors receiving U.S. Permanent Residency and full return on investment cover image July 19, 2022, article by Anayat Durrani.

Expedite approval, an option for EB-5 investors to consider

The EB-5 investment program has been a reliable way to get U.S. permanent resident status for investors and their immediate family members. While the process may take time, there is a faster option. EB-5 investments considered to be in the national interest and other criteria can get expedited approval by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Expedited approval is the fastest EB-5 processing an investor can obtain.

“An expedite has the potential to save investors years off the adjudication time of their I-526 petitions. When an investor receives an expedite, they literally are supposed to go to the front of the line,” says Matt Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, E3iG.

Read the full article on the website:

*Please note: Expedited petition approval of previous investors does not guarantee your petition will be expedited. (Although there can be no guarantee of expedited processing, no investors in any of our addiction treatment projects have had their requests denied by USCIS.)


Mental health and drug addiction treatment is a massively underserved market with around 44 million adults in the U.S. suffering from some form of mental health and over 100,000 drug overdose deaths every year. The U.S. government at all levels recognizes this as a national crisis. See President Joe Biden's Opioid Plan. While demand for treatment has skyrocketed, the supply of available services has not kept pace.

Read USCIS's requirements for expedited processing and see why an investment in an addiction treatment center will likely qualify you on national interest and urgent humanitarian grounds.

Visit our website EB5 Visa Fast for more information.